Soluciones Microbianas del Trópico


They correspond to the order Lepidoptera. Commonly known as butterflies, flying almost always, the best known are the butterflies, but most species are nocturnal (night-flying), are gray or dark and go largely unnoticed. Their larvae are known as caterpillars typically feed on plant material, some species may be important for agriculture pests. Many species fulfill the role of pollinators of plants and crops.


The species of this order, have characteristics that influence the economically important crops:


  • They are very polyphagous pest species, they attack any type of arable crop.
  • They have a tendency to herd behavior, immature stages tend to live in large numbers, on the same floor.
  • There are many migratory species migrate at certain times of the year and appear en masse in the cultivation, causing more damage than if appearing in stages.


There are several species of moths that attack different horticultural crops; inter species include Spodoptera exigua, which is the most important in pepper and watermelon, while Heliothis species and Plusias, are tomato and pepper. In the palm oil they are: Stenoma cecropia, Loxotoma elegans, Brassolis sophorae, Opsiphanes cassina, among others.



BOVETRÓPICO, METATRÓPICO, PAECILOTRÓPICO.  Apply individually or in admixture.

Dosage: 2 g / L.

Inundative Dosage: 4g /L.