Soluciones Microbianas del Trópico



Brassolis sophorae  (Lepidopterous):


This larva or oil palm worm, it is one of the principal plagues of the foliage. Its hurt is similar to the Opsiphanes cassina (Lepidopterous), with the difference that the larvas are gregarious and on having been kept in a nest constructed with folíolos, its control is facilitated without needing agrochemical application.


The most adapted way to handle the populations of insects plague that concern the crops of the oil palm, is:

  • To establish a plan of sanitary periodic review for the detection of populations.
  • To stimulate a strategy focused on the Integrated Managing of Plagues (MIP) in which actions are outlined as:


  • Recognition of natural enemies.
  • Identification of host plants of natural enemies.
  • Knowledge about the life cycle, habits and population dynamics of the insect pests.
  • Dismiss of harmful practices of managing, which develop resistance on the part of the insect pests.
  • Cultural charitable practices to the parasitic insects and predators of insects pests.
  • Application entomopatogenic fungi that cause the disease to the insect pests.


BOVETRÓPICO, METATRÓPICO, PAECILOTRÓPICO.   Apply individually or in admixture.

Dosage: 2 g /L.

Inundative Dosage: 4g /L.