Soluciones Microbianas del Trópico





It is a  weevil from Curculionidae family. Adults are characterized by their very striking. They are large compared to the normal size of insects, from two to five centimeters long, very long, visible face or beak. The larvae have no legs and has an ivory yellow color with red head.


The life cycle of the insect is three to four months and may be up to four generations per year. Each female lays 350 eggs. In the same palm generations are develop until the plant dies, the adults leave to colonize a new palm tree and repeat the process, being able to flight up to five kilometers.


The adult weevil is black and measures 10 to 15 mm, is commonly found between the leaf sheaths, on the ground, at the base of the bush or associated with crop residues.  The weevil is active at night and very susceptible to drying. Adults can stay in the same mat for long periods of time, and only a small portion of them can move to a distance of 25 m for a period of 6 months. Weevils rarely fly. Dissemination occurs mainly through infected planting material.


BOVETRÓPICO, METATRÓPICO, PAECILOTRÓPICO. Apply individually or in admixture.

Dosage: 2 g / L.

Inundative Dosage: 4g / L