Soluciones Microbianas del Trópico


It is a compact mass of hyphae of a fungus, protected by the thickened outer cell membranes are pathogens on crops.

Some of the diseases caused by Sclerotium are:

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum: because a large number of crop diseases, as well as in non-cultivated plants. It affects potato mainly in the cool tropics and temperate zones. It can cause major damage to the potato when the crop rotation includes susceptible vegetables – beans, lettuce, tomato, celery, cauliflower and cabbage. The cold and wet weather favors disease.

• Acquire good planting material with phytosanitary quality in nurseries registered by the ICA.
• Ongoing monitoring to detect in a timely manner diseased trees.
• Remove dead trees and debris such as logs or stumps.
• VACCINE applied to the ground, antagonistic microorganisms such as fungi´s complex Trichoderma, in the initial stages of crops.