Soluciones Microbianas del Trópico

Ceratocystes Fimbriata

(Macana sore) is a fungus and a plant pathogen attacks a wide variety of plants.Trunks and branches attacks, the symptoms it produces is wilting and death of the plant. It occurs through wounds caused by tools used in the field. Low temperaturesand high humidity favor the disease.

• Acquire a good planting material with phytosanitary quality in nurseries registered by the ICA.
• Ongoing monitoring to detect in a timely manner diseased trees.
• Remove dead trees and debris such as logs or stumps.
• Avoid wounding trees during farming.
• Disinfect tools during the pruning tres work.
• Avoid pruning during the rainy season.
• Apply microorganisms antagonists to the soil such as the fungi´s complex of the Trichoderma genus.