Soluciones Microbianas del Trópico


BIT (HYPOTHENEMUS hampei) is a species of weevil beetle subfamily Scolytinae the native African, size of the head of a pin. It is known to be the most damaging pest to coffee crops worldwide. Among the common names of this insect are:  weevil coffee and coffee berry borer.

CBB, HYPOTHENEMUS hampei (Ferrari), is the most important insect pest affecting coffee farmers not only in Colombia, but in almost all producing countries, causing heavy losses to growers.

Within the tool Integrated Pest Management – IPM, in the cultivation of coffee, is the use of natural enemies such as fungi Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium anisopliae, mainly. Also, biological control with parasitoids as Cephalonomia stephanoderis, Prorops nasuta and Phymastichus coffea, play an important role in regulating the insect pest.

Regarding the use of chemical insecticides, they are restricted to products with low toxicity and low environmental impact; are recommended to apply when infestation levels warrant, especially in places where the bit is added. The integration of all these activities help maintain the population controlled drill, keeping rates at low levels of infestation.



GERMINADOR: TRICHOTRÓPICO: 10g / L of water per m2


Established culture: BOVETRÓPICO: 2g / L.