Soluciones Microbianas del Trópico

Black Spot and Anthracnose

It is a disease of post harvest, but sometimes it can cause problems with foliage, flowers and fruits caused by the fungus Alternaria alternata. Symptoms appear on the undersides of leaves, black spots appearing round.

This disease is quite common in avocado and mango. Penetrates or mildew old injuries caused by Cercospora, in both the leaves and the fruits. It attacks the fruits when they are almost to harvest, bursting its shell.

The young fruits can also be attacked, being destroyed before reaching maturity. They will present black spots that will give them ugly and hinder conservation. Of particular importance in the wetlands, however it has no bearing in dry climates.


  • Acquire good planting material with phytosanitary quality in nurseries registered by the ICA.
  • Ongoing monitoring to detect in a timely manner diseased trees.
  • Remove dead trees and debris such as logs or stumps.
  • VACCINE applied to the ground, antagonistic microorganisms such as fungi´s complex Trichoderma, in the initial stages of crops.