Soluciones Microbianas del Trópico




Belong to the Coleoptera order, there are over 300,000 species of these, the species of beetles is the largest in the animal kingdom. The beetles have a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, have three pairs of legs and have a body divided into three regions.


Most beetles are herbivores that feed primarily on plants and many species can be crop pests, with the larvae that cause the majority of agricultural and forest damage.


Among chewing insects are beetles, cutworms, cutters, gauges and cogolleros; flea beetles, crickets and locusts, grasshoppers and ants. Frequently they attack cereals, legumes, vegetables and flowers. By destroying their leaf system affect the photosynthetic activity and plant respiration. These insects feed on leaves, stems, buds, fruit, seeds and damage appear as cuts and holes in the leaves.


BOVETRÓPICO, METATRÓPICO O PAECILOTRÓPICO. The application can be individually or in combination.


Dosage: 2 g / L.

inundative Dosage: 4g / L