Soluciones Microbianas del Trópico


It is an ascomycete, the largest group of fungi. Different species of this genus are one of the major plant pathogens. At least 20% of the losses in agriculture, are caused by some sort of Alternaria.

Some diseases caused by Alternaria are:


Alternaria arborescens: causes weakness in the stem of the tomato.

Alternaria brassicae: it infects many types of vegetables and roses.

Alternaria carotiincultae: causes leaf blight in carrots.

Alternaria gaisen: causes spots on the bulb.

Alternaria solani: causes early blight in potatoes and tomatoes.


  • Acquire good planting material with phytosanitary quality in nurseries registered by the ICA.
  • Ongoing monitoring to detect in a timely manner diseased trees.
  • Remove dead trees and debris such as logs or stumps.
  • VACCINE applied to the ground, antagonistic microorganisms such as fungi´s complex Trichoderma, in the initial stages of crops.